Your partner in estate asset management.

DCS provides estate planners and personal representatives with a powerful solution for managing personal accounts. When the time comes, DCS works with accounts to implement an estate’s final wishes which may include deletion, transference, memorialization or other instruction. Even a financial institution can be contacted to initiate next steps for the attorney. With DCS, you can be assured that accounts will be managed securely and estate administration will be handled smoothly saving both time and anxiety.

DCS is the first and only
estate management
solution assisting
attorneys and personal
representatives organize
and contact personal
accounts to fulfill an
individual’s final wishes.


DCS is available through our network of estate planning attorneys. Ask your attorney about including DCS in your estate plan.

Designed by DCS.
Quality assured by estate professionals.

DCS is designed to fit seamlessly into the estate planning process. The needs of individuals, their loved ones and the estate planning practice and have been carefully considered to maximize both usability and security. DCS requires no account passwords, minimizing ID theft and fraud potential. DCS meets or exceeds PCI and HIPAA standards ensuring security of account data. Incorporate DCS into your estate plan today to save headaches tomorrow.

DCS provides:

  • organization of digital and
    traditional accounts
  • continual account record
    capture available
  • account capture without passwords,
    reducing risk of ID theft
  • emotional relief for loved ones
    at their most vulnerable time