What Facebook Has Done – Not Much

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You’ve no doubt read the news that Facebook will now use AI to help find profiles of people who have died so you don’t have to worry about receiving messages about their birthdays or anniversaries. From our perspective, it’s way too little, way too late.

An expanded tribute section is all well and good, and we do recognize that Facebook was among the early social giants to allow the choice of a legacy contact. Enhancing the ability of the legacy contact to do more is great. But we don’t think that’s enough.

The fact that friends and family members can simply ask to have an account memorialized creates a lot of what we call “netiquette” problems. What if their distant relatives didn’t know the person died – or the Facebook algorithm misses the mark and alerts people who didn’t know?

It’s more than time for the social giants to address the problem of digital afterlife.

We already have the solution.

Directive Communications Systems was created to respond to the need for users to identify all active accounts, provide the legally-required directives to their agents to access and manage their data, including emails, hidden accounts and all digital assets.

Woman grieving at cemetery

Thousands of people are already using the DCS platform – financial advisors, estate planning attorneys and individuals.

Don’t leave this a mess for your executor, or a digital opening as big as a barn door for cybercriminals.

You can make a digital estate plan – and we have made it easy for you.