What do Kanye West, Kim Kardashian and Trusts and Estates Have in Common?

Robert Kardashian Hologram

Add to the list of digital assets that you want to protect in the event of death or incapacity – your image and likeness in a hologram. After all, if Kayne West is doing it, can the rest of us be far behind?

Kanye announced recently that he had a hologram of his late father-in-law Robert Kardashian created as a gift to wife Kim Kardashian West for her 40th birthday. Kim tweeted that she and her family members were touched by the ability to see and hear from a lifelike image of her father, but not everyone welcomes the bringing back to life of famous people so warmly.  Rapper Tupac, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, Whitney Houston, and Amy Winehouse have also been re-created as holograms. Although the responses have been mixed, the fact remains that these new personal replications must now be considered in an asset portfolio.

Until fairly recently, only celebrities and their estates have taken steps to create holograms of entertainers, performing.  But the technology is now being used in other ways.

This past summer, 60 Minutes reported on a foundation recording testimonials from concentration camp survivors. Technology has allowed them to record and create interactive 3D holograms that can answer questions and discuss their experiences with future generations.

Preserving history or bringing a loved one back to your living room for a visit – this is another digital asset that requires protection. And while most of us haven’t thought about this technology for ourselves, like everything else, it could become very popular and another outlet to carry on our legacy for our future generations.

For individuals, first, what do you want done with it? Next, who do you want to own and control of it? What would you be comfortable having it used for? And what don’t you want it used for? For advisors, how do plan for this type of asset?

Directive Communication Systems’ online tools provide users with the ability to protect all of their digital assets, in full compliance with privacy laws in the US and Canada. Estate planning attorneys, financial advisors and Web Pros have embraced the need to protect this new asset class, using DCS.

The future is here – are you ready for it?