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Defining a Digital Asset

We’ve discussed the importance of your clients protecting their digital assets, and how you can assist them in the process.  There are hundreds upon hundreds of statistics about digital assets, the amount of time the average person spends on the internet, and the sheer number of digital accounts people possess.   However, there is one thing … Continue reading “Defining a Digital Asset”

States Quickly Adding Laws to Address Online Accounts

DCS is in the news again.  This time Communications Daily talks about new RUFADAA legislation and the critical need for people to who they want to have access to their online accounts.  Referred to as “the bible of the telecom industry”, Communications Daily highlights the growing awareness of the need to properly manage online accounts and digital assets, turning to … Continue reading “States Quickly Adding Laws to Address Online Accounts”

Privacy Afterlife Preferences: The People Have Spoken

Lee Poskanzer, CEO and Founder, Directive Communication Systems blogged about Privacy Afterlife in Digital Beyond – a blog about your digital existence and what happens to it after your death Privacy Matters. In fact, 4 out of 5 people believe privacy matters more than access to their accounts in the event of their death. It’s … Continue reading “Privacy Afterlife Preferences: The People Have Spoken”

2017 Heckerling Report – Planning for Digital Property

Steven B. Gorin, Thompson Coburn LLP says, The report on planning for digital assets is thorough and a “must read”. I was impressed by a vendor that appears to be on the forefront of understanding and complying with law, as well as organizing one’s assets: Directive Communication Systems, Inc. The report says “Unlike any other asset … Continue reading “2017 Heckerling Report – Planning for Digital Property”