National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys Welcomes Lee Poskanzer

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Lee Poskanzer was invited to present before the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys ( at a recent conference in San Diego. NNEPA is a cooperative alliance of nationally recognized estate planning attorneys from across the country who gather together to learn from each other to build successful and rewarding practices.

The attorneys who came to his presentation had an awareness of the increasing importance of digital assets for their client’s estate plans, but they came away convinced of a need to act now to protect their clients. They were surprised to learn of the high value of domain names and digital assets, and the large number of “hidden” accounts and assets that typically come to light only after a person has died—if they come to light at all.

Stories were shared about experiences the attorneys had with surviving spouses who had no idea that they would be unable to access their spouses’ accounts without a directive being in place, and the frustration they experienced with something as simple as accessing financial records.

Lee’s presentation highlights the importance of digital asset management for estate planning attorneys and their clients. The number of horror stories continues to grow, but using the DCS solution can address that issue, today.


Directive Communication Systems posting at National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys conference