March 18 Lee Poskanzer Speaking at AARP and Future of Privacy Forum

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CEO Lee Poskanzer has been invited to be a panelist at “Adding Age to AI – The Importance of Representing Older Adults in Data and Design” presented by AARP and the Future of Privacy Forum. Lee will be part of the first panel, The Health and Physiological Needs of Seniors, as Targeted by Elder-Specific Technology (Discussion of Social Impacts) from 10 AM – 11:10 AM.

Working together, FPF and AARP have launched a project to evaluate the risks and benefits for older adults in a digital world. The project focuses on the challenges and privacy tensions in a range of products and services and considers how these challenges are affected by the representation of this demographic in the training of these systems.

As part of this project, the collaborative team is hosting a workshop to seek inputs and research analysis from leading stakeholders in this area. This multi-panel event will include a discussion around literature review, along with guidance from experts on how to design detailed research agendas that consider primary risks, perceived discrepancies and potential harms for technology developers when considering the needs of the older adult demographic section of the population.

Registration for this program is free and DCS hopes you will join us for an interesting look at the future of AI for an expanding senior population.

Click here to register.