Kudos to The Wall Street Journal on Digital Afterlife

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Kudos to The Wall Street Journal’s Abigail Summerville, who really gets the problem of digital afterlife.

She nails it, in fact: “Social-media giants, with hundreds of millions of accounts, are increasingly grappling with how to handle digital legacies of users who have died.”

A few points we want you to consider:

1 – Social-media giants are all about monetizing their platforms. They haven’t yet figured out how much money a dead user’s account is worth. That will come, and you heard it here first.

2 – Most platforms delete accounts when they learn that users are dead. That means if business records or other digital assets are online, they could evaporate.

3 – If notification of a death does occur through the platform’s channels, how hard is it for criminals to put two- and two together? Identity theft is a problem for the living. It could be worse for the dead and their families.

4 – Facebook took years to figure out a solution to the problem, and only in 2015 did it comes up with a way to allow users to designate someone as their digital heir. But that’s ONLY if the person takes steps to name a digital heir. Most of us don’t.

5 – Users attempt to find workarounds, sometimes by sharing passwords. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t (like when facial recognition is incorporated into a platform), but sharing passwords is a violation of state laws in most states. It’s a risk, and could result in the account being locked down or deleted.

You don’t have to wait for the social-media giants to catch up.

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