From the Directive Communication Systems Video Archives – Planning for Death in a Digital World

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Thanks to WMHT, the PBS/NPR station from Albany, New York,  for sharing this video of Lee Poskanzer from the first Digital Legacy Conference held at Siena College. The segment examines the challenges faced by survivors when loved ones die and no plans have been made to manage their digital assets. Much like dying without a will, dying without a plan for digital assets usually means that assets are either permanently lost or that the process of accessing the data can require going to court and, in some cases,  suing the website owner. This will most likely fail, even with a court order. Families without the resources to retain legal representation have no recourse.  This very situation was what drove Lee Poskanzer to create DCS.

Click here to watch Lee Poskanzer discuss digital assets and why you need a digital estate plan.


Lee Poskanzer, President, DCS