Tired of wasting precious time tracking down and contacting your client’s accounts?
Your estate administration responsibilities are growing. Legislation is changing and digital assets are creating new challenges. You need solutions.

Directive Communication Systems is the first and only service for estate professionals providing organization of a client’s personal accounts and notification fulfillment of their final wishes. Keep your practice ahead by partnering with DCS today.

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Hidden accounts shouldn’t be a liability in estate planning and administration
With DCS, the risk of a hidden or forgotten account is minimized. Updates are maintained and account data is securely captured with a technology that meets or exceeds HIPAA and PCI standards. The days of waiting for paper account statements are over. With DCS as your partner, estate administration is easier and more secure—benefitting your practice, your clients and their loved ones.
Partner with DCS to support your estate planning offering.

Benefits to your practice:

  • expands your estate product portfolio
  • reduces time spent on account identification and notification
  • digital and offline asset organization
  • creates annual touch point with your clients

Benefits to your clients:

  • organization of digital and traditional accounts
  • continual account record capture available
  • requires no passwords, reducing risk of ID theft
  • emotional relief for loved ones at their most vulnerable time

Winner of the National Law Journal Trailblazer Award

DIY Vault Services
Estate Provisions
Keeps accounts visible, contents accessible, and prevents subscription expiration
Compliant to privacy and fiduciary laws
Lifelong protection asset compilation
Assets automatically added to client portfolios
Handles administration management of digital property

47 states have enacted legislation regarding fiduciary access to online accounts

Fiduciary legislation dictating access to assets, data and account contents.

The Uniform Law Commission tracks the RUFADAA 2015 activity by State. To learn more, please click here

What others are saying about DCS:
Digital accounts create additional complexities for real assets that nobody knows about.
You have no idea what we go through, literally. We go through sock drawers, closets, deposit boxes, files to find the important stuff!
What I live in fear of is that we will have filed and then an account appears and I’m going to have to re-do everything.
We’re swimming upstream and not understanding compliance
We have other estate planning tools, but DCS is the first that will make a difference with my

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Designed by DCS. Quality assured by estate professionals.
DCS is designed to fit seamlessly into the estate planning process. The needs of individuals, their loved ones and the estate planning practice and have been carefully considered to maximize both usability and security. DCS requires no account passwords, minimizing ID theft and fraud potential. DCS meets or exceeds PCI and HIPAA standards ensuring security of account data. Incorporate DCS into your practice today to save headaches tomorrow.

Winner of the National Law Journal Trailblazer Award