Locating and contacting
an estate’s personal accounts
shouldn’t be a burden.

Personal representatives (including estate administrators and executors) play a critical role in estate adminitration. It’s a task that demands serious focus during a time of emotional grief. With an ever increasing portfolio of personal accounts, it’s becoming more and more difficult to settle an estate’s affairs in accordance with the final wishes. Responsibilities can be time consuming, frustrating and may require a great deal of commitment, leading to confusion, procrastination and even worse, incomplete estate administration.

DCS eases the emotional and time-consuming
demands of closing an estate.

DCS makes it easier to deal with an estate’s personal accounts in a professional manner, saving administrators time and effort during this difficult transition period.

DCS provides personal representatives:
– control over timing of estate communication distribution
– clarity in identifying financial and other accounts
– straightforward instructions for providing directives to personal account holding institutions
– relief from the arduous task of tracking down institution information
– the ability to separate business decisions from emotional decisions

If you are a personal representative and
have additional questions, please contact DCS at info@directivecommunications.com or 1-800-372-8121.

“With (DCS), I can make
sure that one of these
hidden accounts isn’t
going to cause a refile
or a re-distribution. It’s
a big relief to closing
the estate”

– John, Attorney