New data share link allows you to import
existing Clio client information directly into DCS

Even a single neglected
account can pose
serious problems.

Your estate administration responsibilities are growing. Legislation is changing and digital assets are creating new challenges. You need solutions.

Introducing Directive Communication Systems (DCS), the first and only service for estate professionals providing organization of a client’s personal accounts and notification fulfillment of their final wishes. Keep your practice ahead by partnering with DCS today.

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Benefits of DCS to your practice:

  • avoid potential malpractice claims
  • expand your estate product portfolio
  • reduce time spent on account
    identification and notification
  • digital and offline asset organization

Benefits of DCS to your clients:

  • organization of digital and traditional accounts
  • continual account record capture available
  • requires no passwords, reducing risk of ID theft
  • emotional relief for loved ones at their most
    vulnerable time

Introducing the Clio+DCS data share link!

Adding a Clio client to DCS is easy!

DCS helps you keep pace with proposed digital regulations 

The updated ULC-proposed UFADAA legislation regarding fiduciary access to
digital accounts has been approved and recommended for enactment in all 50
states. These stricter guidelines will create additional responsibilities for estate
planning lawyers. Be prepared with DCS.

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