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DCS at Collision Conference in Toronto

DCS is excited to be at Collision at the Enercare Centre in Toronto, a tech conference that brings together the people and companies that are redefining the tech industry. Forbes calls it “North America’s fastest-growing conference,” and that’s why we’re here. We’re...

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Three Years Later, the Fees are Adding Up for Prince Estate

The death of Prince three years ago at age 57 added him to the long list of  celebrities who never had wills created and left their heirs monumental estate disasters. In this case, the death of Prince Rogers Nelson stands for a few other lessons – the nation’s opioid...

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What Facebook Has Done – Not Much

You’ve no doubt read the news that Facebook will now use AI to help find profiles of people who have died so you don’t have to worry about receiving messages about their birthdays or anniversaries. From our perspective, it’s way too little, way too late. An expanded...

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