Partners in estate planning
and administration.

Whether sudden or expected, the death of a loved one brings immense heartache and grief. In the midst of this emotional pain, however, survivors and their legal advisors must navigate the complex process of estate administration, managing the logistics of personal accounts. From retirement and investing to social and entertainment, we all have more accounts than we did a generation ago. What is needed is a service that makes 21st century estate-planning convenient and easy to administer.

Our mission at Directive Communication Systems is to use technology to simplify the complex logistical and emotional process to provide greater peace of mind. To an individual planning their estate. To loved ones left behind. To estate administrators. Our DCS platform empowers an individual with efficient estate planning, while clearly outlining wishes for digital profiles, off-line and cash value accounts.

To an individual and their loved ones, DCS is an emotional insurance policy to ease the logistical burden of the estate. ID theft potential is reduced. Accounts are accounted for.

To estate planners and administrators, DCS enhances the service they can provide. An expanded product portfolio is offered for digital and other off-line asset management. The anxiety of preparing and sending manual communications for closing out accounts is minimized and potentially eliminated. The administration of the estate is expedited by ensuring a forgotten account doesn’t pop up at a later date.

Procrastination, apathy, and avoidance remain the most significant barriers to settling an estate’s affairs. Directive Communication Systems is committed to combating these challenges by becoming the leading, most trusted service provider and proprietary online technology to facilitate estate probate and execution in North America. Because when a loved one passes, estate planning should be a painless process.