2017 Heckerling Report – Planning for Digital Property

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Steven B. Gorin, Thompson Coburn LLP says, The report on planning for digital assets is thorough and a “must read”. I was impressed by a vendor that appears to be on the forefront of understanding and complying with law, as well as organizing one’s assets: Directive Communication Systems, Inc.

The report says “Unlike any other asset class, digital property carries with it unique federal and state law implications, valuation issues for fiduciaries, and an incredibly wide variety of ongoing product developments.”

The comprehensive report covers the following:

  • Digital property can be the key to unlocking other assets with financial value
  • Obstacles to fiduciary access to digital property
  • Data Privacy Laws
  • Computer Crime Laws
  • Revised Uniform Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (RUFADAA)
  • Planning ahead for digital property
  • Practical guidance for the fiduciary
  • Privacy in the Digital World
  • Identity theft

Read the full report: http://www.thompsoncoburn.com/docs/default-source/Blog-documents/2017-heckerling-reports/heckerling-2017—12.pdf?sfvrsn=2