What’s your legacy worth?

The Complete Digital Asset Succession Management Solution

The first and only proven solution for handling online accounts and digital property.

Too Many Accounts! Too Much Lose!, Too Much Risk!

With today’s online world, getting to your accounts and digital property before subscription expiration, inactive account auto-deletion and identification fraud take place. Effective preparation

  • Prevents confusion
  • Reduces stress
  • Ensures your goals are achieved

Precious Memories Shouldn’t Vanish

Pictures, video, personal writings mean so much to family and friends. Don’t let those important moments disappear

Fulfilling Wishes Shouldn’t be Time Consuming and Emotional

Online accounts and digital property are complex and challenging. Without a clear plan, loved ones and fiduciaries can expect to face a difficult time finding accounts and dealing with customer service departments…lots of ‘em.

DCS is a powerful platform that records digital property, online account and final directives. We ensure digital property is visible, accessible and maintained while preventing digital content providers from locking estates out or deleting data. Your client’s information is stored with clear and binding user directives without using passwords.

DCS eliminates the unnecessary burden for loved ones and personal representatives of locating and dealing with an estate’s account assets. Hidden or forgotten accounts, many online, can waste not only time and money but have the potential to leave an estate vulnerable to ID fraud. These accounts, when left open, often contribute to years of continued reminders and emotional anxiety.

Your firm can provide relief. Include DCS as part of your suite of services to provide secure, password-free organization of both digital and traditional accounts. When the time comes, notification of an individual’s final wishes is provided which may include account deletion, transference, memorialization or other instruction. DCS works with attorneys and personal representatives to ensure that hidden accounts don’t surface and undo the careful management, both emotional and financial, put into preparing an estate.

The DCS Advantage
What DCS Clients are Saying


Enroll through your  lawyer, financial advisor or insurance agent and begin building your personalized profile.


Build, add and update your asset and directives portfolio with any of the DCS simple to use automated account capture features including Portfolio Plus™ and Portfolio Link™


Partners with the estate to fulfill informing digital content providers of your instructions and fulfillment.