FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ make estate plans more effective and firms more profitable. Our automated software systems streamline workflow and increase productivity. Firms throughout the country use the integrated FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ software systems to fund and settle living trusts proficiently. Product integration with Directive Communication Systems™ coordinates the funding of valuable digital assets with the client’s estate plan. DCS family firms receive preferred pricing on FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ software subscriptions as part of the strategic alliance between DCS and Advanced Planning Solutions, LLC. DCS family firms should use the promo code “DCSFAMILY” for 15% off enrollment when purchasing FundingPro™ and SettlementPro™ online at

About Advanced Planning Solutions

Advanced Planning Solutions, LLC is the recognized leader in trust funding and trust settlement software for the estate planner. Since 1998 Advanced Planning Solutions, LLC has manufactured industry-leading trust funding and trust settlement software systems for the estate planning community. Visit us on the web at



Clio and Directive Communication Systems tackle the growing complexities of digital and personal account management. Bringing together Clio’s expertise in practice management with DCS’s estate services, estate professionals are ready to provide a seamless service offering clients a complete plan for handling the online and offline assets and profiles. You can connect your Clio account to your DCS account and import Client profile data in a few EASY steps.