Introducing DCS, the first and only estate management service for attorneys and personal representatives which organizes an individual’s personal accounts and communicates their final wishes to site owners and institutions.



The bible of the telecom industry, talks about the rapid adoption of new UFADAA legislation by states to address online accounts following users’ death.

DCS is quoted in the article as the solution that helps people plan for what will happen to digital assets following their deaths … read more

DCS provides emotional relief for loved ones at their most vulnerable time.

Eliminate the unnecessary burden for loved ones and personal representatives of locating and dealing with an estate’s account assets. Hidden or forgotten accounts, many online, can waste not only time and money but have the potential to leave an estate vulnerable to ID fraud. These accounts, when left open, often contribute to years of continued reminders and emotional anxiety.

Your estate attorney can provide relief. Include DCS as part of your estate plan to provide secure, password-free organization of both digital and traditional accounts. When the time comes, notification of an individual’s final wishes is provided which may include account deletion, transference, memorialization or other instruction. DCS helps your estate attorney and personal representatives ensure that hidden accounts don’t surface and undo the careful management, both emotional and financial, put into preparing an estate.

How the DCS process works in three simple steps:



Enroll through your estate planning attorney. A simple customized profile is created in the DCS database.



Accounts, digital and off-line, are captured and stored securely in the DCS database. Institution-specific data is entered without passwords.



Upon activation, DCS takes care of notifying accounts and requesting implementation of final wishes which may include deletion, transference, memorialization or other instruction.

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